For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to help people. I know that life is hard and a lot of people do not have the support that they need, and many have lost hope. My heart breaks for those that are in pain but that only helps fuel me to help them. I want to walk alongside them when they need it most and help them find hope and healing. I work hard to create a therapeutic bond with each client so we can work on both behavioral problems and, more importantly, what causes the behavior. I am always working as hard as possible to meet my client’s needs and help them to the best of my abilities. Renee Bozzi, Counselor at New Hope Counseling, Palatine, IL. Therapy, mental health counselor

I am most passionate about providing therapy to children, adolescents, and their families, though I am also very happy to help young adults and families of all ages. My family therapy work is a great way for families to better understand their children, especially if the child has been having problems.

I graduated with my Master’s from Wheaton College, and have dedicated my professional life to helping people. Joining New Hope Counseling is a wonderful place where I can continue to work with children, adolescents, young adults, and their families in the Palatine area.

Therapy for Children, Teens and Young Adults

Being a child, and especially the teenage years, can be especially difficult for both the teen and parents and I love working with teens to help them through this time in their life, and to help them confront and deal with the underlying issues that are behind whatever is troubling them. Transitioning into adulthood can be very stress filled. Young adulthood is a very pivotal time in a person’s life. Life is not easy and we all need someone to help us navigate through it. I very much enjoy spending time with my clients and instilling hope in each and every one of them.

Contact me today to find out how I can help your teen or your family. At New Hope Counseling, we’re dedicated to helping people.

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