Growing up is not easy. Being a pre-teen and a teenager is sometimes very difficult. We are trying to navigate through our burgeoning social lives while also wading through life at home. These years are important for a multitude of reasons, including the establishment of our true selves. Unfortunately, the desire to fit in can sometimes be at odds with everything else about ourselves when we’re teenagers. Therapy and counseling can be a great way to help identify the problems you’re having, where these problems come from, and how best to handle them.

Common adolescent struggles:

  • Anxiety

    • Fears
    • Phobias
    • Social Anxiety
    • Panic & Panic Attacks
  • Depression
    • Self Harm
    • Thoughts Of Suicide
  • Eating Disorder
  • Body Image
  • Bullying
    • Physically
    • Emotionally
  • Adjustment

    • New Home
    • New School
    • New Step-Parent/Family
  • Parental Divorce


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Adolescents quite frequently struggle with self-esteem and self worth. Trying to measure up to what society thinks they should be is hard. When they can’t measure up to the society norm, the adolescent begins to struggle in their own way. Many adolescents find coping mechanisms to help them feel better about whatever may be causing pain in their life. A lot of these coping mechanisms, like drugs, alcohol, and other risky behaviors, are not healthy. That is when adolescent counseling becomes helpful for the individual as well as the family.

Adolescent counseling is a way to offer support to an adolescent. At New Hope, we offer a safe space for the individual to open up and begin the healing process. We offer safe and healthy ways to cope with life’s difficulties. Contact us today for an appointment.