While everyone will experience anxiety at several points in their lives, it can become a serious issue that requires treatment if it persists long after the initial cause has passed, or if anxiety exists seemingly without cause.

Types of Anxiety Disorders

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Someone with generalized anxiety disorder manifests unwarranted amounts of anxiety for months at at a time. This extended amount of anxiety can cause many unwanted symptoms, including sleep issues, a hard time controlling their worries, an inability to concentrate, and restlessness.

Panic Disorder

Unexpected and persistent panic attacks are the hallmark of panic disorder. During an attack the sufferer might feel as if they are out of control of their body and mind, their heart might beat hard and fast, and they could sweat, shake, and even lose their breath. Even after an attack has finished, anxiety continues because the fear of when and where the next one could occur persists.

Social Anxiety Disorder

If someone has social anxiety disorder they will do everything they can to avoid social situations where they feel they might be embarrassed or rejected by other people. This disorder often makes itself worse by forcing the sufferer to further shun any social interactions for fear of being judged. This lack of exposure to other people often creates difficulties when it comes to making new friends or even holding down a job.

New Hope Counseling Has Anxiety Therapy That Works

We understand how difficult it can be to live your life with constant worry, panic attacks, and fear of social situations. Many people who don’t understand what you are going through will tell you to “get over it,” or to “stop worrying for no reason.” At New Hope Counseling in Palatine we work with you to address any underlying issues in a safe, non-judgemental space where you are free to explore your mental health at a rate that is comfortable for you. Through a variety of therapies we can help you control your anxiety disorders.