Creating a place of safety and trust are essential for marriage and relationship counseling to work well. In my office I work hard to create this safe place, a haven where you can feel free to reveal your true self, and the true source of your mental health issues. It is a place where you can ask any question or share your true feelings without the fear of being judged.

Each marriage, relationship, and trauma therapy client is different, no two have the same journey. I will work with you individually, providing one-on-one attention and individualized mental health care. By truly listening to your story, we will work on healing the trauma of the past, bringing hope to the present and life to your future. There is always hope, and the new life that you long for is possible. At New Hope Counseling, you are accepted just as you are. Your story matters to me, and I would love to help you. Specializing in a variety of marriage, relationship, and trauma counseling areas, we can reach the future that you desire. Your journey to healing can begin today.