There is a wide range of behavioral and emotional issues.  The parent or guardian is an expert in regards to their child.  Parents know when something is wrong with their child but sometimes they don’t know what it is that is bothering them.  If the parent or guardian notices that there may be something bothering their child it may be a good idea to bring them to counseling. dreamstime_xxl_19874267

All children and teens go through different stages throughout life.  As parents, a lot of these stages are recognizable due to that fact that they too have gone through these stages.  Sometimes some children and teens may have a more difficult time than others.

At times children and teens are experiencing something that is bothering them and they don’t know how to express themselves.  When they don’t know how to express themselves they may begin to act out or shut down.  They may do something that is completely out of the norm for them.  Sometimes they do these things to show that they need help and other times they may not know why they are doing it.  Either way, here at New Hope we can help you and your child navigate their way through some issues that are causing them problems.