Some people LOVE summer and some people HATE it. I’m in the LOVE category. Summer opens up opportunities that winter does not. Summer has been known to be a mood booster. The sun shines and it stays light later. I love when I drive home from work at 8:00pm and the sun is still shining. It is these little parts of summer that I find joy in.

Where do you find joy? Maybe you’re having trouble finding things to be joyful about this summer. Even if you don’t love the summer, there are ways for you to find some happiness during the warm months:

  • Get outside — it can help with anxiety and depression.
  • Go swimming — swimming can be a fun activity to do with friends and family and you’ll get some exercise, too. Exercise can help relieve the symptoms of depression and anxiety.
  • Take a trip — go on vacation with your family or friends or take a two-hour road trip to get some time away from your everyday life.
  • Have a summer BBQ — cooking outdoors is a great way to enjoy the company of good people over good summer food.
  • Grow vegetables, herbs and fruits – there is nothing better than getting some fresh veggies from your garden and adding them to your dinner.

Embrace the things that summer allows you to do. While you can do most of the activities I mentioned above all year long, summer can be an extra-fun time of year. Make the most of it. If you haven’t been motivated to do much this season, trying getting into a new summer routine by adding one fun thing to your day every day. Changing your routine, especially if you are unhappy can help you say goodbye to your depression and anxiety. Allow your surroundings to have a positive effect on your life. Go take a walk in nature. Go to a park and swing on a swing while the wind blows through your hair. Feel both the calmness and the excitement that this season can bring.

Find your joy in each season!

If you are having a difficult summer and you would like to speak to a trained and caring therapist, please give us a call at New Hope Counseling in Palatine. We have helped people of all ages and we would like to help you.