Marriage can be a dream if it is happy, and marriage counseling aims at helping you make the right choices to find the marriage you’d hoped for. So many things go into making a marriage a delight for you both, but at the heart of any happy marriage are the choices we make every day to each other. If you’ve married a good man or woman, one who loves you and wants the same happy marriage that you want, then you can be in one of those marriages that are rich and full.  

We make choices in marriage every day, and each of these choices has an effect on our relationship. So often it’s the small things that build into sadness, then anger, then resentment. The choice to pour coffee for yourself but not for your spouse, or to get breakfast for yourself and get lost in your iPad or phone while your wife or husband sits there, as much alone as if no one else was there. These and a thousand others are what makes our marriage what it is.

The list of choices goes on and on, but some of the ones I hear the most in counseling are:


  1. Being in the same room but lost in technology as if your wife or husband were not there.
  2. Forgetting the things that first brought you together and built your love so that love now is stale and just routine.
  3. Men not treasuring their wives, not paying attention to them unless they want sex. Sometimes, not doing anything at all to make a wife or husband feel loved, yet wanting sex anyway.
  4. Men who are still boys, women who are still girls rather than adults.


The good news is that if a person wants to change, they can. This is where counseling helps to find the underlying causes of disconnection, loss of love, meaningless sex, and other problems and gives remedies to make the right choices and heal your marriage. 

Marriage is one of the greatest blessings we have been given, and for those who have a truly happy and deeply connected marriage, it is beyond a dream. To fall and stay madly in love with your husband or wife makes life alive. It is the choices we make that get us to that kind of love. Let counseling help you find and make the right choices.