Another Valentine’s Day has come and gone. Couples everywhere this day is celebrated have hired babysitters, dressed up and went out to eat, and then, at home or in a hotel or resort, made passionate love. But not you. Single, widowed, divorced, a recent break-up – for whatever the reason, you were alone. There is another loneliness, that of a disconnected marriage, one where you go through all the daily rituals of husband and wife, but in your heart, you are as alone as if no one was there. You go to bed, have empty sex, turn off the lights, and wonder if you will ever know true love, a love that captivates your very soul.

Loneliness on Valentine’s Day is especially poignant. You see that the world seems coupled up, and you wonder if you will ever find love, maybe for the first time. We are not designed to be alone; we were designed for that deep-souled connection with another human, that love that is beyond anything we can ever know. For those couples who find this and nurture it so it stays alive and growing, the journey of life is alive and full and rich. Those couples found more than someone they can live with; they’ve found that one who they can’t live without.

When we find ourselves alone on Valentine’s Day the thing not to do is to lose heart and decide that we will never know the love we ache for.  It’s easy to go to the dark room of despair and sadness, but you will never find love there; it is the last place to look and therefore the last place to go. Don’t look in an empty room for someone who will never be found there.

So, what do you do? The is no one answer for everyone, but there are answers that are there to be found if you know the right questions to ask. With the counsel of someone who can help you know yourself, you can find the direction to go to begin toward the dream you long for. We can’t promise you will find that person, but we can promise that you will know yourself, and know the right questions to ask to find the one you need to meet all of who you are. And maybe one February 14th, loneliness will be just a memory.

We’d love to help you do this, so one day you can say what in on an art piece on the wall of our family room:

“I have found the one my soul loves.”