“Present(s)” is a word that we hear a lot around the holidays.  After all, this is the season of giving.  I love nothing more than giving my friends and loved ones presents on Christmas.  I love when I get them something that I know they are going to love and watching their faces when they open their gift.  Don’t get me wrong, getting gifts is great too but I do prefer giving them.  In this blog I am talking about presence, not presents.   It has nothing to do with the gifts that are under our tree on Christmas morning.

“Presence” is not a word we hear a lot around the holidays.  At least it’s not one I hear too often.  The anxieties of the holiday season are overwhelming that we forget to be present and in the moment.  We work and work all of December to get everything just right for our families and friends then December 25th comes.  We blink….then it’s over!  Where did it go? I wish I had more time to visit with my cousin I only get to see once a year.  I only had about a half hour to spend with my grandma on Christmas Day before having to go to a different house.  This may be her last Christmas…I wish I could have spent more time with her.  For the life of me, I can’t remember what I talked to my aunt about.


Do you ever find yourself thinking back about your Christmas like that?  Maybe you were too caught up in everything going on around you and you weren’t able to just stop and be present.  You weren’t able to have those meaningful conversations.  You weren’t able to give your undivided attention to_______.  Don’t let this Christmas and holiday season distract you from being present.

I think a lot of the time we worry about getting everything just right.  We worry about getting the right present, making the right food, and making time for everyone.  We forget about one very important thing, being present with your loved ones.  Being present is actually one of the best presents you could give someone.  I bet your kids would even think so, but a cool toy wouldn’t hurt either. 🙂


Taking time for your mental health is incredibly important. Whether you schedule an appointment with your mental health counselor, or you choose to have a “you” day, however you relax and destress, we highly suggest that you do. If you need a little extra help during the holidays, or you just need someone to listen, just give us a call.


Stay tuned for Part Six: What To Do After The Holidays