Breathing is more helpful than you may think. When I tell people to breath, the first thing they do is look at me like I am dumb. Then they will say something like I am breathing. Yes, you may be breathing, but are you really breathing? Are you breathing in a way to help yourself calm down, relax, and enjoy the moment rather than have such extreme anxiety for the holidays?


Here are some breathing techniques to help you calm down:

  • Draw a box – with your index finger draw a box in the air. Inhale and draw the top horizontal line, exhale and draw the vertical line and so on.
  • Draw a few boxes until you calm down a bit.
  • Breathe in for five seconds – hold for five seconds – breath out for five seconds.
  • Smell your surroundings – while you are deep breathing identify the things that you smell.
  • Notice your surroundings – while you are deep breathing notice the different things around you.
  • Progressive muscle relaxation – tense and release your muscles and synchronize them with your deep breathing. Start in your hands, arms, feet, legs, stomach, wherever you feel the most tension.


Most of the time when we are calm, the things around us seem a little less overwhelming. You have power over your emotions. You can choose to have a calm holiday season. Breathing like this takes time. Take the time, you will be grateful that you did!

Part five coming soon.