Short answer: Yes!

Long answer: eventually!


When you are struggling with depression you can’t see this proverbial “light at the end of the tunnel.”  That light just doesn’t exist. It’s easy to begin to believe that this state of depression will never lift.  But guess what? It will!!


This season of depression that you are in may last a few weeks, a few months or even a few years.  I hope that while you are going through this depression you are seeking help. I hope you are talking to your doctor, seeking counseling, talking to friends or family.  You don’t have to go through it alone!


But the question still remains, will the depression ever end?  Yes, it will. It may take some time. It may take a really long time, but if you seek the help you need, one of these days you will see that light.  Sometimes the depression just goes away after a while, and other times it takes some hard work. I am here to tell you, the depression will end. Do not give up!  Even if it feels like it will never get better it will.


Our lives are constantly changing.  Think about your life and how much your life has changed over the past few years.  I’m sure you have experienced good things and bad things throughout your life. Think about the times in your life you were begging for a change and finally, things changed.  Sometimes it takes a while but it will change.


Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  There is no shame in asking for help.  Some people believe it is a weakness to ask for help, when the truth is, it’s a strength.  


Right now, if you are hopeless and believe that you will never see that light, just know that there is someone out there who does have hope for you, ME!  I am typing this right now with a crazy amount of hope for you. I may not even know you but I believe in you and I believe in your light. You will see it one day!  


Keep believing and look for that light!