1. How Can I Find A Spouse. Pt 3

    Last time we talked about knowing yourself and then looking for someone who meets you in who you are, one who is a match for your personality, emotions, likes and dislikes - who will be the true companion to all of you. The belief that opposites attract is out there, but research has shown that opposites divorce at a higher rate than those who are more alike. That isn’t too hard to believe! I’…Read More

  2. Shame

    Welcome to our series on shame.  Shame is powerful and if we let it, it can take over.  Maybe you are wondering if you have ever experienced shame, or maybe you are struggling with shame right now and you are wondering how to break free from it.  Most of us have experienced shame at one time or another.  Throughout this blog series we are going to take a closer look at shame, where it comes fr…Read More

  3. 3 Tips for a Healthy Marriage Through RESPECT

    It is commonly known that the Grammy winning song “Respect”, as recorded by the legendary Aretha Franklin (Atlantic, 1967) is a variation of a song originally written and recorded by the blues and soul pioneer Otis Redding (Volt, 1965). Redding wrote and recorded the song “Respect” as an anthem for men; a desperate plea from a man to a woman to fulfill a felt need. Aretha’s version flipp…Read More

  4. How Can I Find a Spouse? Pt 2

    Before you look for a husband or wife there is one absolutely essential thing you need to do – you need to know yourself. When we know ourselves well we will know who and what we need to complete us. Finding that person you dream of begins here. So ask yourself some questions like, What are my passions, the things that make me come alive? What is my personality type, and do I want someone like m…Read More

  5. Finding a Spouse, Pt 1

    How can I find a good spouse safely? We hear this question so often in counseling. Marriage counseling is a large part of our practice, so we see the effects of not asking this question, or not answering it well. Singles who have delayed marrying are now very worried that the field of eligible men or women is smaller in their age group. Divorced people don’t want another bad marriage, and widowe…Read More

  6. Marriage and Intimacy

    Have you ever been to Santa Monica or San Francisco, CA? I grew up on the west coast and used to love going to the piers built from these great beaches and bays. Piers are built out into the water for people to enjoy a view of the coast-line and an up-close experience of the surf without being tossed around by the waves. The pier is supported by pylons which are built deep into the ground beneath …Read More

  7. Vulnerability

    Whew…that is a scary word!  Who wants to be vulnerable?  I don’t think many of us would elect ourselves to be vulnerable.  Lets look more into this world of vulnerability. The definition of vulnerable is “Susceptible to physical or emotional attack or harm.  (Of a person) in need of special care, support, or protection because of age, disability, or risk of abuse or neglect.” Okay, I…Read More

  8. Waiting…

    What do you do when you don’t know what to do? This question might be a bit of an odd question to some people.  To others you might be dying for an answer to that question.  Unfortunately I do not have the exact answer to this question.  There have been countless times in my life when I have been at an utter loss of what to do.  I felt stuck.  I felt hopeless.  I felt confused.  I felt de…Read More

  9. HOPE – A Four Letter Word

    While out on a run recently – tunes blasting in my ear, my aging muscles screaming for me to stop, the heat and humidity of the Chicago summer draining the life from me one drop of sweat at a time – I heard a phrase through the earbuds, as if sent straight from the running gods, that resonated with me distracting me from the exhaustion for a moment… “HOPE is a four-letter word” I can’t…Read More

  10. Is “Mental Health” an Oxymoron?

    Does mental health sometimes seem oxymoronic? Think about it, who doesn’t have mental health days?  Don’t we all have anxious thoughts, depressed feelings, confused direction… like all the time?  The answer, far from moronic, is duh.  Is it possible to achieve a healthy mind?  That would be awfully nice. Are we not people who live in clearly confusing times?  We are called to be the bes…Read More