Behavioral issues are very common in children. A child may be acting a certain way that may seem different from how they normally act, which can be a cause for concern. While behavioral problems can be alarming, it is important to remember that while children have emotions just like adults, they do not fully understand how to express their emotions. Sometimes their emotions come out in bursts of anger or violence. Other times they may show extreme sadness by crying excessively and clinging to something or someone with whom they feel safe. Children may also “shut down” and enter a state where it is very difficult to tell what is bothering them. All of these are common ways that children can express what is going on for them emotionally. 

Children are very perceptive and see, hear, and understand a great amount more than we give them credit for. Sometimes, children do not know how to deal with certain events happening in their lives in a healthy way. That is where children’s counseling and family therapy can be very helpful.

Counseling with children is different than with adults. When counseling children, we play. That may sound silly but it works. “Play” is one of the languages that children speak most fluently, so we have to speak their language in order to help them. Trust is a large part of any type of counseling or therapy and it is equally important with children. At New Hope Counseling we gain the trust of children and help them grow and heal in a healthy way.

**As a parent, you may notice that there is something “off” about your child and you may not understand what or why. If this is the case, call us today. We can help you & your family deal with any issue.


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Common children’s counseling issues:

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