Appointments for Christian Marriage & Relationship Counseling will be held virtually by phone or video call for the foreseeable future. Please call today to learn more or to schedule your appointment.


Christians experience relationship, personal, and mental health issues, just like everyone else. We can all have inter-personal, relationship, marital and sexual problems, and there should be no stigma attached to asking for help. Christians not only have marriage and relationship issues, but parenting can be difficult, and teenagers and young adults can face so many difficulties in tough transition years.

Now, marriage can be a beautiful thing, a peaceful feeling of finally finding your “home”, but it can be difficult as well. We wonder how can two people who have the same faith have so much trouble? We are still people, and we still have problems, and there is hope for you to make your marriage what you long for it to be. Remember, just because you share the same faith does not mean that the problems/issues stop.

Often times some of the more personal issues or some past sexual experiences can feel so shameful that finding someone who is safe to talk with about these things is difficult. But here at New Hope Counseling Service, everyone is accepted and no one is judged, no matter what is in your present or past, you can find healing and hope. We believe that faith-based counseling is a wonderful means to help Christian couples reconnect to each other, and to their faith.

It can be so hard to trust God because of what has happened to us or what is happening now. There are questions about spiritual issues, and even about faith itself, and sometimes we wonder why is God allowing this to happen? We know that sickness, cancer, death, loss, or abuse makes no sense. We wonder if he is even there, and if he is, why is he silent? Can he even help me? We are here to walk beside you in all of these, and help you through the darkest times to find light and hope.

We provide Christian counseling to those who request it. You will find only acceptance here – never judgment.