College holds some of the best times in our lives and some of the hardest.  College is not easy.  College begins with a huge adjustment, leaving home, living on your own and having to take care of yourself.  Schoolwork becomes more and more difficult.  Friends come and go.  Peer pressure sinks in.  Trying to juggle schoolwork, friends, family, sports, and or extracurricular activities can be quite difficult.  Sometimes college isn’t always what we thought it would be.  We thought we would make friends and have an amazing time.  When those things doing happen it can be very discouraging.

dreamstime_xxl_68626456College can be lonely, even though we are always surrounded by people.  College can produce a lot of anxiety and stress with in us.  You don’t have to just “deal” with the stress until college is over.  Here at New Hope we can help you navigate your way through the struggles of college.  You don’t have to go through college
alone, even though that is how it may feel at times.  We can provide you tools to help you manage your stress and reduce your anxiety.  We can also help you in any other areas that you may be struggling with, whether it is family problems, depression, loneliness or social anxiety.  This stage of life is difficult, you do not have to do it alone.

Maybe you are not in college or maybe you just finished college and you are asking your self “Now What?”  This time of transition can be very difficult and can cause a lot of stress and or depression.  Many issues may come up whether it is family issues or personal issues.  Counseling can help you through this time in your life.  It’s okay to struggle, it’s also okay to ask for help.