Divorce is something that no one wants to go through but unfortunately many individuals end up getting divorced.  It is not only difficult for the husband and wife, but it is also difficult for the family as a whole.  Many individuals experience a lot of blame, anger, fear and shame come when a divorce is involved.  There dreamstime_xxl_29993684is also pain, grief, anger, sadness and much more.  These individuals also have to take into account their family.  Whether they have children or not they still have to do the thing they dread most, telling their family and friends.

Telling the children is arguably one of the most difficult things to do while going through a divorce.  Unfortunately, there is not a right or wrong way to tell your children that you are getting a divorce.  Here at New Hope we are here to help you make that process as easy as we can.  We want to support you and your family on this difficult journey.  Sometimes divorce can feel very lonesome.  It can also bring up a lot of personal things that one may have been hiding for a while.  Counseling is a helpful way to begin healing and adjust to a new path of life.

We are here to help the couple, individual, children and family.  No one has to do this alone.