Family therapy is designed for any kind of family. It can be for a married couple, for a small nuclear family, for a blended family, or for any other kind of family. The overall goal of family therapy is to help the family, no matter the size, communicate and interact in ways that treat everyone with respect and bring the family closer together. At New Hope Counseling, we can work with your family to help you overcome whatever struggles you may be facing in order to create a happier, more harmonious home life.

Modern families are not as simple to define as they used to be, and because they can be more difficult to define, they can be more difficult to navigate within.

Common family therapy issues:

  • Communication
  • Stress Within The Family
  • Anger
  • Grief
  • Finances
  • Divorce
  • Adjustment

    • Blended Family
    • Moving
  • Family Conflicts
  • Chronic Illness
  • Relationships


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Family Therapy

Family therapy can take many forms. Maybe there is a child in the home who is having problems that are deeply affecting everyone else and nothing seems to work to address these issues. There might be a member of the family struggling with depression, anxiety, or substance abuse. Whatever the cause, the danger in leaving problems alone is that they can tear the family into pieces.

Family Therapy for Couples

While a couple is the smallest family there is, it’s a relationship that can be very complex. Each member of the couple is bringing their own beliefs and habits into a new entity — the relationship. The first few years of marriage can be hard for some people because the adjustment of going from being single to being in a long-term relationship usually requires fundamental changes to the way that things have been for a very long time.

After two people have been in a relationship for a long time, new problems can arise. Some couples find that they feel less passionate about the other person, or that the other person has changed seemingly out of nowhere. It is also common for couples to need help after their children have grown up and left the home. Without the buffer of children, many couples have found that they feel a distance they weren’t aware of until they were alone together after many years of raising their family.

Family Therapy for Blended Families

Family therapy can help blended families (families consisting of remarried parents and the combination of all of their children) to learn how to respect each other’s different ways of doing things while simultaneously working at building new traditions and arrangements. These struggles are sometimes made worse by the anger and confusion that members of the new family may feel about the way the old family came to an end.

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The relationships we have with our family members are among the deepest and longest-lasting relationships we will ever have. Our proximity and the length of these relationships may mean that we have a harder time trying to communicate our feelings because we are afraid of rejection or we do not wish to burden the people we care about with our problems. While we do our best to be understanding and accepting of our family, sometimes that isn’t enough. It is completely normal to feel like you are not able to help your family deal with large, life-changing problems on your own.

If conflicts in your family arise that cannot be solved without help, please call us at new Hope Counseling in Palatine. We are dedicated to helping your family learn how to better respect and live with one another in order to form deeper bonds. Our counselors have experience helping families of all shapes and sizes, and we would love to be able to help your family, too. Contact us today to learn more about our practice and to schedule a time for your family to come in.

Divorce Counseling

Few occurrences can be as devastating to a family as a divorce. Whether you are having problems dealing with a separation or your children are, we can help. There are many ways to open up the lines of communication to help a family begin to adjust to a new family dynamic, and we pride ourselves on being able to assist families during what can be an incredibly difficult period of time. You don’t have to try to fix everything on your own. Instead, let us help your family learn to understand and exist within the new way that the family is set up.

Blended Family Conflict

Next to divorce, one of the most difficult adjustments you and your family might have to work through is remarriage and the challenges that come from blending families together. At New Hope Counseling, we will help your new family learn to work and live together in a way where everyone feels respected and heard. There is no shame in trying to bring two families together to form a new unit — everyone has different expectations and habits and these can be difficult to change without outside assistance.

Grief Counseling

Loss is difficult for everyone, and when a family loses someone that is important to everyone, it can create or amplify problems. With our help, your family can learn to process loss in a way that allows each member to handle their grief together and individually. Grief counseling can be a difficult and complex process, but when you have therapists and counselors like New Hope on your side, the process will be easier.

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