Interpersonal relationship therapy is a type of therapy that focuses on how relationships work, how our feelings and the feelings of others can have an impact (positive or negative) on those around us, and how other mental health issues might be impacting our relationships.

The main focus of interpersonal relationship therapy is to try to understand where are emotions are coming from, i.e. what is causing us to feel a certain way. This can take some time to figure out, because most emotions are not simple. Our emotions are complicated combinations of feelings that can be triggered by seemingly unrelated stimuli. During the first initial sessions we’ll also work together to find out exactly what you want to get out of interpersonal therapy.

How Does Interpersonal Relationship Therapy Work?

After the initial assessment stage we will start working at the concerns that you’ve brought in. Sometimes these emotions are relics of past relationships that are inhibiting growth in new relationships. We will start by trying to understand where they are coming from and properly identify the emotions that are attached to them. After that we will find ways for you to deal with these emotions in healthier ways that don’t have the same negative impact on your current relationships.

Unlike some other kinds of therapy, interpersonal relationship therapy is focused on addressing and relieving a number of pre decided issues. It does not have to be a long, ongoing process, but instead can be a great way to help you deal with things that might only be temporary. That’s not to say that it isn’t helpful with long term issues, though: difficulty overcoming grief, or socialization problems can also be worked on in this goal-oriented therapy.

Contact us at New Hope Counseling today if interpersonal relationship therapy sounds like it might be the perfect fit for your needs. If you aren’t sure what kind of therapy would work best for you, we can discuss the many options available.