Mariann is a Licensed Clinical Counselor that joins New Hope Counseling Service in early 2023. She received her education at the University of Cumberlands and is licensed through the state of Illinois to practice.

Adept at crisis management and intervention, Mariann has worked extensively with clients of all ages. She also provides personalized services to teenagers and young adults that are challenged by today’s current climate. Whether you are looking for individualized therapy or would like to be a part of group therapy, crisis intervention, etc., Mariann can help.

The world in which we live is shifting so quickly, it is hard to keep up, and sometimes it is even harder to feel like there is solid footing underneath your feet. If you find yourself in this situation there should be no stigma around getting help. Give us a call, or contact us today and we can figure out how to help get you back to a place of happiness and hope.

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