Entering into a marriage is a big deal. The melding of two hearts and two different souls takes continual work over the years. While you may believe that you are ready for whatever life can throw at you while you are engaged, marriage might be a different story.

There are stigmas that surround all aspects of therapy, and we at New Hope Counseling understand that. We want to change this stigma. There is no shame in counseling. Choosing to attend premarital counseling with your partner doesn’t mean that there is something WRONG with your relationship. It just means that you and your partner are taking steps to ensure that your marriage starts off on the right foot. It also means that you are ready and willing to learn techniques that you can utilize to strengthen your love, communication, trust, and respect throughout the upcoming years.

COVID-19 has added a unique set of hurdles that couples are trying to overcome. It is especially important for couples to learn how to deal with these issues before they arise. While the pandemic may end, the issues & relationship hurdles may not.

What is Premarital Counseling?

There are a lot of different definitions, but basically, premarital counseling is a type of professional counseling that helps couples get ready for their upcoming marriage by strengthening the bonds of love, trust, and communication.

Do You NEED Premarital Counseling?

Yes. Every single couple that becomes engaged should look into premarital counseling. You and your partner will learn how to head off issues that may arise before they become a problem. Small “annoyances” can be talked through so they don’t fester into a fight once you share finances, a home, etc. You will learn how you communicate most effectively, and it may not be the way in which your partner communicates. Have you thought of finances? Are you a saver and your partner is a spender, or vice versa? Bridging the gaps is what premarital counseling is all about.

Issues That Premarital Counseling Touches Upon:

  • Money; personal and married finances, how much you can spend without talking to the other, etc.
  • Making decisions; small vs. large decisions and the process of making the right decision as a couple
  • Communication; how you can improve and understand your partner’s style of communication
  • Social and Religious Beliefs
  • Vacations
  • Guy’s Trips/Girl’s Trips
  • Items of Importance/Value; friendships, alone time, etc.
  • Defining The Roles In a Marriage; cooking, shopping, cleaning, taking care of the finances, etc.
  • Intimacy and sex; importance to each other and how to be sensitive and affectionate to each other
  • Alone time; date nights, etc.
  • Children and parenting; do you want children, what are your parenting beliefs/styles, do they work together?
  • Fights; learning to argue in the most effective way
  • Families; setting boundaries, splitting up holidays, etc.

Seems daunting, right? Well, we hope to take that stigma away as well. Helping you and your partner start your marriage off correctly is really what we want to do more than anything. Should you have any questions, concerns, etc. Please do not hesitate to give us a call at (630) 945-8685, or to fill out the form below. Due to the ever-changing pandemic climate, we are now offering virtual visits. You and your partner can now sit within the comfort of your home(s) and attend premarital counseling sessions!

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