Your Past Does Not Have To Determine Your Future

No one deserves to experience psychological abuse or domestic violence, and the trauma that leaves permanent emotional scars, but sadly, it happens all too often.

Twenty-five percent of women and nearly the same number of men have experienced sexual abuse. I specialize providing trauma therapy that helps women and men heal from the deep wounds of the past including psychological abuse, domestic violence,  incest, rape, even sexual torture.

I’ve also helped those who have been or still are in the sex industry heal from the wounds to their souls.

Abuse also can be emotional, psychological, or physical. I can help you heal from both the abuse and the trauma you’ve experienced at the hands of others because of the abuse.

I also work with people who have been spiritually abused in cults or high demand churches or groups. With years of experience, I know firsthand that there is life after psychological abuse, trauma, and domestic violence. Let me help you find that better life.

Combat Veterans and PTSD

Combat veterans experience PTSD in different ways from those who have never been warriors. The structure you knew in the military and the safety it gave is not found in civilian life. All the emotions of combat can stay with a veteran for years or decades. The things that made you a warrior can be very dysfunctional now that you are home. Marriages, parenting, relationships, and work can all be harmed by the trauma of deployment.

Over the years, I’ve provided trauma therapy to veterans of our recent involvement in the Middle East, East Africa and Eastern Europe. Together, we work through the unique ways that PTSD affects veterans of combat. If you think you need trauma therapy, please contact me today. I’d love the opportunity to help you regain what PTSD has taken away.

Here You Are Safe

Trust and safety are the most important things in trauma therapy, especially with victims of abuse. Here, you are safe. You can share as much or as little as you want in any session; I will demand that you talk about something that makes you uncomfortable. I want only want to help you find hope and life again, so you can go from surviving to thriving.

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