Providing Guidance For A Variety Of Mental Health Issues

Whether you suffer from depression, anxiety, PTSD, mood disorders, or need guidance in your non-romantic relationship, New Hope Counseling may be able to help you achieve healing and growth. You are not in this alone. As an experienced mental health counselor, I am here to walk beside you on this

There Is Always Hope

New Hope Counseling is proud to provide expert treatment for depression, anxiety therapy, and counseling for OCD, bipolar, sexual problems and addictions, and other disorders. There is always hope, no matter what you’re struggling with. You don’t have to live a life of fear and shame because you have a mental disorder.

It is my goal to help you open up about your struggle, giving me insight into your past and your present. Both external and internal factors may have caused your addictions and disorders. Rather than just masking or treating the symptoms of a troublesome disorder, I seek to find their causes – that is where healing and change is found. Don’t suffer alone. Let me be your mental health counselor and help you find the pathway to hope and a new beginning.