1. Physical Intimacy

    When was the last time you made love? I don’t mean when you last had sex; anyone can have sex. But when did you and your husband or wife really connect at the level where your souls met? The beauty of love is found in that deep place where we meet soul to soul, heart to heart, seeing each other in the vulnerability of openness – defenses down and masks off. “I see you,” was the beautiful p…Read More

  2. Marriage Counseling – What’s It Like?

    What will marriage counseling be like? We’ve never been to marriage counseling, and we are not sure what to think. Really, we are nervous and a bit afraid. When couples first come in for counseling this, or something like this, is what almost everyone says. They don’t know what to expect, and they are not sure they really want to be here anyway. But their marital problems have grown to the poi…Read More

  3. Connection In Marriage

    Many of us remember the funny scene in Princess Bride when the priest begins the wedding ceremony with the hilarious words..."Mawage...that dweam within a dweam." But that is was we want, a marriage that fulfills our deepest dreams of love and connection, and that makes all our dreams come true. And even though we may laugh at that cliché, deep inside, our hearts ache to be known by our closest c…Read More