1. Crushing Affairs

    An affair is crushing. All the hopes and dreams you had of being happily married are gone in an instant. You can hardly breathe or think, all is a whirlwind of fears and betrayal. Days full of tears and sleepless nights flow into each other until you lose track of days and time. Depression and anger mix together, and everything you hoped for in marriage seems lost. Every marriage counselor works w…Read More

  2. Choosing A Happy Marriage

    Marriage can be a dream if it is happy, and marriage counseling aims at helping you make the right choices to find the marriage you’d hoped for. So many things go into making a marriage a delight for you both, but at the heart of any happy marriage are the choices we make every day to each other. If you’ve married a good man or woman, one who loves you and wants the same happy marriage that yo…Read More

  3. What Is Marriage Counseling & How Does It Work?

    “What is marriage counseling and how does it work?” This is a question that new clients commonly ask when they first come for help with their marriage. Some people have delayed coming to counseling because they don’t know what to expect. So let’s talk here about what happens in the first session, and then what to expect after that. When a couple comes in for the first time I listen to them…Read More