Have you ever had to untangle a knotted necklace or extension cord? I have, and subsequently been frustrated by not only how tight it was but also how complicated it seemed.  I believe every individual that seeks counseling help recognizes that the strands of their lives, past and present, have become tangled and they need help straightening them out.  I respect the strength it takes to reach out for this help.  I also consider it a privilege to be part of assisting individuals in untangling these knots.

I received my undergrad from the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago and followed that with my Master’s degree in counseling from Northwestern University in Evanston.  I believe the balance of faith-based and psychodynamic training gives me a unique point of view on the lives of individuals, couples, and families.  I believe every individual is made of three equally important parts; body, soul, and spirit.  Mental health counseling touches all three.  I do not do Christian or biblical counseling unless requested by the client.

I am passionate about working with adolescents and adult individuals, couples, and the family systems within which we are all embedded.  I specialize in helping individuals deal with depression, anxiety, divorce, couples communication, and blended-family work.  I also love working with career changers and those seeking insight and guidance into their life’s direction.

Contact me to schedule a time to meet and see if we are a good fit to work together.  Also, check out my blogs on this site to learn a little more about how I view the journey of mental health.