Everyone Is Fighting Their Own Battles

I treat each one of my clients as individuals; no two problems are the same, and your care is always assessed on a personal level. New Hope Counseling is for anyone and everyone who is struggling. When you come in for counseling I listen to your story without judgment or demands. You can tell as much as you wish, I will not take power over you in any way. We will work together on the healing process.

You may be broken looking for the light and a glimmer of hope you so desperately desire. Whether you have been hurt by someone or something in your past or present, here you will find a safe haven that you can count on to provide you with the care you seek.

It is a difficult choice to choose a counselor, especially if this is the first time you’ve sought help. It is a very brave step to take to seek counseling and guidance for your problems. I offer a free 15 minute introductory call so you can see if you think working with me be a good fit for you. I specialize in a range of counseling options including sexual problems, anxiety disorders, trauma, abuse, and relationship or marriage. Empathy and safety are essential no matter why you have come to see me; I am interested in your story and what has led to where you are today.

Healing From Shame, Emptiness and Loneliness

We were designed for connection, both with ourselves and with others. So many of our emotional and psychological problems have this as part of the foundational problem. Shame drives us into hiding because we are afraid that if we are truly seen and know, we will be left, even abandoned. But hiding our true selves from others causes us to hide from ourselves as well, and hiding brings disconnection, which then brings emptiness and loneliness. I named my practice New Hope Counseling because I want to help you find hope again by helping you recognize these patterns of shame, hiding and disconnection, and then help you heal from them and begin on a new future