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Marriage Counseling Teletherapy Designed for Connection

The pandemic forced us to find a more accessible way to offer Marriage & Relationship Counseling. We currently offer all appointments as virtual or phone appointments. Give me a call today and learn a little more about how virtual appointments can not only benefit your marriage but your busy life as well. 

Common Reasons Couples Choose Teletherapy Marriage Counseling

  1. Communication Issues
  2. Lack of Emotional Connection / Emotional Distancing
  3. Sexual Problems
  4. Wondering if Staying Together is the Right Choice
  5. Affairs

As humans we were designed for connection; marriage and relationships should be a delight – a life-giving connection with the one you love above all others. We marry, or are in a relationship, with that one person with whom we hope that we will find happiness, joy, and peace. We bring ourselves with all our differing personalities, history, baggage, wounds, and family of origin issues to each other and our lives together, and these things can make it very hard to find what we long for.

We all begin marriage with hearts full of love and dreams for the future. But time, and just doing life can gradually wear down those feelings until the love and marriage we dreamed of seem almost unreachable. Children come and then go, careers are built, life is lived, and the distance grows. We can feel disconnected from our spouse, distant; loved – yet longing for love.

It’s common for couples to raise children and put their marriage almost on hold. There are also a plethora of other reasons why married couples lose touch with each other or put their marriage on the backburner. Both can still love each other, but in the busyness of life, they have lost touch. Marriage, once so vibrant, is now seen in muted colors; sometimes it has faded to shades of gray. Sex can become routine and infrequent, and life is just lived with an empty longing for that deep, in love feeling that you once shared.  The bedroom is a barometer of the marriage, especially of the sense of connection. Making love – truly creating love as well as expressing it, can become just having sex. And if there is a distance between couples, sex can become a painful reminder of the sense of loneliness.

These problems can be overcome if a couple is willing to do what is needed to reconnect or to connect for the first time. Marriage counseling is one of the ways in which couples can reconnect & rebuild the intimacy, communication, and connection they once had. We have no stigma surrounding couples that need help putting their marriage back together in a safe and judgment-free zone. A professional and experienced marriage counselor can help bridge the communication gap, help improve understanding and help a couple move past obstacles that once seemed too daunting.


Finding Hope and Love

The pandemic has forced some married couples into a brand new world of martial issues that were not present before. w Going from spending time away from the home, to spending every moment together, issues may arise. Not to mention homeschooling, limited options for dining out/days out/etc, possible loss of income/job, limited access to family and friends, etc. All of this has led to once “happy” couples experiencing new and worsening marital issues that were not there prior to the pandemic.

I’ve worked with many couples to help them work through all these issues, recognize dysfunctional patterns of relating, and then take on new patterns of healthy love and connection with their spouse or partner. On the other end, I do relationship counseling and premarital counseling to help you and your partner work through these issues before you marry.